Friday, May 1, 2009

Notes From the Underground

I think it appropriate to have a post dedicated to our next reading, Dostoevsky's haunting but compelling Notes From the Underground. We can post any initial thoughts, questions, problems, or revelations prior to our meeting. It can be used as wanted or helpful.


This is a post for anyone desiring to make further comments or clarifications concerning Descartes' Meditations --- or to ask additional questions. Also, it may be neat if some people put into concrete words what they said last evening. Often language, especially in the form of reflection, helps us formulate solid thought and reasoning; it can also allow us to better remember what we said. To quote my annoying but smart boss, "Writing is the ultimate synthesizing activity or closure in that language helps us to make connections and reach conclusions."

By the way, I thought our conversation last evening was pretty darn cool.