Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pleasure is not found in a full stomach. Pleasure is found in satiating a hungry stomach.

Pleasure is not found in peace – only boredom. Pleasure is found in conquering in order to achieve peace.

It is the struggle we long for, the battle we seek. It is not the END we desire, but the MEANS: the process by which we achieve our will.


  1. reminds me of something from Notes from Underground where Uman says something akin to "humans love to build roads"

  2. Pleasure is absolutely found in peace! Do not confuse peace with stasis. Peace is not the absence of movement (not even the absence of violent movement); Peace is the Presence of a Person, or rather of Three Persons.
    A man staring soulessly out of his front window, suffering silently from depression, is not at peace. A mason straining to craft the lofty vaults of a cathedral may be very much at peace.
    Also, I believe you confuse pleasure with the object of our desire. Pleasure, in its common usage, is not at all what we desire. Peace, fulfillment, and security are things for which most people would sacrifice a great deal of "pleasure."