Thursday, February 5, 2009

There once was a race of spinorox that existed on a planet in a galaxy not so close to our own. Unreasoning beings, these spinorox developed a different skill or ability; they called it rajamiho. They worshipped the skill of rajamiho, slaughtering animals to its name. They thought themselves clever, brilliant, and omniscient because of their skill. “All must be ordered according to the rajamiho,” they said, “or else it does not exist.” They weren’t clever according to our standards, but they were geniuses according to their rajamiho.

According to their rajamiho, the universe was roughly shaped like a yo-yo, the purpose of existence was discontent, and obesity was praised. Also, there was no possibility of the eixtence of other living beings in the universe. This is true --- according to their rajamiho.

After 2 million years of existence, the spinorox became extinct. Their rajamiho is gone now too.

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